Grant Information


The Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy is pleased to assist non-profit organizations, local public agencies, and tribes by providing grant funding for projects that preserve open space and habitat, increase public access to it, and help create healthy and climate resilient communities.

All funding furthers the purposes of the Conservancy’s mission, our enabling legislation (Public Resources Code, Division 23, Sections 33000 et seq.), and other State-approved priorities and plans.

Applying for a Grant

The first step for receiving grant funding is to contact Conservancy staff for a consultation before beginning your application. The email is: Conservancy staff will provide advice to would-be applicants as to the potential suitability of their projects and may also provide recommendations on approaches and modifications that may improve the likelihood that the Conservancy would approve an application for a grant. Funding availability and application requirements may vary between programs, and our staff can help applicants find the right fit. Applicants are advised and should be aware that additional statutory and regulatory requirements may apply to various funding sources and to the project itself.

An application must include a detailed scope of work narrative, including a list of specific tasks, a detailed budget; a timeline for project implementation (including a completion date for each task), any preliminary project plans; and a detailed description of the need for the grant. Applicants should be aware, however, that notwithstanding staff comments and recommendations, all decisions regarding grant applications are at the discretion of the Conservancy.

All potential grantees should become familiar with the Conservancy’s Grant Administrative Manual for administrative and procedural guidance, including detailed instructions for grant applications.

Open Grant Programs

Funding for Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy grant programs is periodically authorized by the California State Legislature. During the pre-application consultation, Conservancy staff will discuss current opportunities. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.

Funding programs with specific guidelines are noted below:

Proposition 1

Proposition 68

Funding Programs without Specific Guidelines

Grantee Resources

Resources and assistance are available to grantees to help administer their grant funding and receive reimbursements. Grantees should be familiar with the Conservancy’s Grant Administrative Manual as it contains information about eligible costs, payment requests, reporting and other obligations.