Statement of Irma R. Muñoz, Chair of the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy, regarding Harvard-Westlake’s announcement of its intent to purchase the Weddington Golf and Tennis Center in Studio City

The Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy applauds Harvard-Westlake’s purchase of the Weddington Golf and Tennis Center in Studio City and its reconsideration of its proposal to build parking and athletic fields on the west side of Coldwater Canyon Avenue. This is a major breakthrough that can lead to a win/win for all parties, but there is more work to be done to assure that communities are protected. To this end, the Conservancy, who is one of the lead agencies revitalizing the Los Angeles River and its tributaries, and the principal funder of the Los Angeles River Greenway adjacent to the golf course, wants to work with all stakeholders: the L.A. River advocates, the Studio City residents who were concerned with traffic and other adverse effects from the condos proposed, as well as the Coldwater Canyon Ave residents. As the revised project is contemplated, we hope that in working together all parties will be able to address issues and create opportunities and resolutions that can be beneficial to all.