Work Program

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The Conservancy conducted six public hearings in 1993 to establish an updated work program prioritization. As part of these hearings, input was solicited from all local government jurisdictions, environmental support groups, homeowner associations, State Parks, and the National Park Service. The public hearing process helped to establish the funding priorities for Proposition A, the Safe Neighborhood Parks Act of 1992, and for the updated version of the measure in 1996. Since last year’s annual report was published, many of the properties listed as “purchase” have been completed. The Work Program prioritization has therefore been updated. Proposed projects are grouped alphabetically by geographical area and name. The second column indicates the planning designation under which the project is nominated, i.e., Santa Monica Mountains Comprehensive Plan. The third column lists one of three priority rankings: High — Staff recommends immediate funding under the first round of projects submitted for future funds. Medium — Projects with considerable importance to the Conservancy’s objectives, but in a tier below those under the high priority category. Low — Projects which are outside the Conservancy jurisdiction, already in public ownership, or are not clearly within the Conservancy’s mission. The factors adopted by the Conservancy for priority determination include:

I. Nominations from National Park Service, State Parks, local government entities.
II. Environmental groups and the general public.
III. Known willing seller.
IV. Current appraisal.
V. Immediate development threat.
VI. Bargain or opportunity sale.
VII. Well established dialogue with owner.
VIII. Adjacent to existing parkland.
IX. Location within the Santa Monica Mountains Zone or the Rim of the Valley Trail Corridor or identified as a project in the Rim of the Valley Trail Corridor Plan.
X. Presence on prior Work Program.