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 Fire Prevention

All parkland owned by the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy is managed by the Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority (MRCA). The MRCA oversees the Conservancy's year-round effort to prevent the risk of wildfire.


The MRCA Fire Division protects the array of resources on Consevancy-owned properties, and works together with local fire departments, State and federal agencies, and the public to prevent wildfires, and—if necessary—to defend against them.

The MRCA Fire Division:

  • Is a member of the Santa Monica Mountains Fire Safe Alliance—a collaboration of public agencies, departments, and members of the public—to create safer communities and protect natural areas.

  • Maintains an expert resource protection workforce trained in terrain, topography, wildfire supression, and fuel management.

  • Maintains constant communication with Los Angeles County, Los Angeles City, and Ventura County Fire Departments, and California State Parks and the National Park Service to promote cooperative efforts to prevent and—if necessary—defend against wildfire.

  • Employs 30 full time, paid call, and volunteer wildland fire fighters certified to National Wildfire Coordinating Group (NWCG) standards.

  • Provides continual NWCG training in wildland fire behavior/supression to MRCA staff, members of the public, and other government agencies.

  • Deploys its own fire fighting equipment including seven type III fire engines, two type II tactical water tenders, one mobile command unit, two crew busses, and ten type IV fire patrol vehicles. In addition, many of the parks store water, portable fire pumps, and Class A foam for fire fighting purposes.

  • Patrols its parklands and the Mulholland Scenic Corridor with Fire Patrols and/or Type III Fire Engines.

  • Deploys Fire Patrols and/or Type III Fire Engines on Red Flag/High Danger days to prevent or assist in suppression of wildfires.

  • Deploys MRCA Firefighters for mutual aid campaign fires through the California Office of Emergency Services (CAL OES).

  • Houses a remote automated weather service (RAS) station for the Los Angeles County Fire Department at Summit Valley Ed Edelman Park in Topanga Canyon.

  • Provides helicopter landing zones on its property for Ventura County Fire Department, Los Angeles County Fire Department, and Los Angeles City Fire Department helicopters.

For more information contact: 818-880-4752



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