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 Proposition 84 Grant Program

The mission of the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy is to strategically buy back, preserve, protect, restore, and enhance treasured pieces of Southern California to form an interlinking system of urban, rural, and river parks, open space, trails, and wildlife habitat that are easily accessible to the general public.

California voters approved the Safe Drinking Water, Water Quality and Supply, Flood Control, River and Coastal Bond Act of 2006 (Proposition 84). Funds from Proposition 84 will be made available to the Conservancy for the implementation of watershed protection activities throughout the watershed of the Upper Los Angeles River pursuant to Section 79508 of the Water Code, and for protection of the Santa Monica Bay and its watersheds.

The Conservancy may award grants for the acquisition, development, rehabilitation, restoration, and protection of land and water resources consistent with Proposition 84. Eligible applicants include local government agencies and nonprofit organizations (existing under Section 501 3 of the IRS Code).

The types of projects proposed to be supported by this program are consistent with the Conservancy's Strategic Objectives including those that:

  • Improve access to open space and passive recreation for all communities and promote healthy lifestyles
  • Improve habitat quality, quantity, and connectivity through creation, enhancement, preservation, and restoration
  • Connect open space with a network of trails, accessible as appropriate to the site
  • Promote those actions necessary to protect and allow continued use and enjoyment of natural resources
  • Maintain and improve flood protection through natural and non-structural systems and ecosystem restoration
  • Establish riverfront greenways to cleanse water, hold floodwaters and extend open space
  • Optimize water resources by improving the quality of surface and ground water and enhance ground water recharge, to reduce dependence on imported water
  • Encourage multi-objective planning and projects
  • Use science as a basis for planning
  • Involve the public through interpretation and outreach programs

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