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 Baldwin Hills Regional Conservation Authority

Park to Playa Trail

Park to Playa Trail Feasibility Study and Wayfinding Plan
November 21, 2011

Chapter 1. Introduction

Chapter 2. Existing Environment

Chapter 3. Trail Design Guidelines

Chapter 4. Trail Alignment and Improvement Plan

4.1 Introduction
Segments 1-2: Stocker Corridor; KHSRA Eastern Ridge
Segments 3-4: KHSRA Western Ridge; KHSRA Valley Trail
Segment 5: Blair Hills Corridor
Segments 6-7: Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook; Culver City Park

Chapter 5. Comprehensive Wayfinding System

5.1-3 Introduction; Existing Sign Analysis; Wayfinding and Branding

5.4 Wayfinding Elements
User Map; Trail Medallion on Park Entrance Sign
Gateway Sign Transit Sign
Bike Guide Sign
Warning Signs
Map Kiosk
Direction Sign
Juncture Sign
Confirmation Sign
Pavement Marking

Chapter 6. Project Implementation






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